Faq Page

Frequently Asked Question

    • 1. What size would fit me best?

      At Vision Craft we offer glasses in 4 sizes – small, medium, large and oversized. You can choose the size filter to view glasses that best fit you. However, 90% of our customers find a medium size frame to fit them best.

    • 2. What is Polarised Lens?

      Polarised Lens reduces reflected glare from the water, snow, high- reflective surfaces, high beam headlights etc. Mostly preferred by bikers, hikers, mountaineers, golfers, skiers, boatsmen, fisherman and joggers due to the nature of being outdoors.

    • 4. I don’t know what my prescription is?

      Prescription is required in order to place an order for power frames. You will need to visit your local eye clinic and then provide us the power so as to prepare your lens.

    • 5. TRY AT HOME?

      Choose 10 Frames or Sunglasses of your liking. You will then need to provide your name, email address and mobile number, after which you will receive a phone call to arrange a meeting to the comfort of your liking.

    • 6. How can I be sure of the quality of the frames?

      Providing quality products is at the core of Vision Craft values. All frames and sunglasses are meticulously checked and then dispatched. However, if the product is not to your satisfaction then you can avail the 7 day no questions asked return policy we offer to all customers.

    • 7. What lenses will you use?

      The lens provided will range from lower range to the premium range. Therefore, the features and quality of the lens will differ accordingly.