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About Us

We here at Vision Craft, have been associated with the optical industry for several years now. We have had the privilege of providing spectacle frames and sunglasses, using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship, to our customers. A majority of our products are designed and prototyped in Kathmandu, so we can best cater to the local customers’ evolving needs. Each frame is carefully inspected before being dispatched, assuring the best fit and quality always. In this era of technology, we can now serve our customers through a fresh new platform- a custom-made portal, where access to the world of opticals is quick and easy!

Our Company’s main objective is to provide our customers with premium quality products, at affordable prices. Staying fashionable without having to break the bank, is achieved by cutting all the middle-men in the industry, i.e the traders, wholesalers and retailers. Vision Craft products come directly from the factory, straight into our customers hands. This helps us to always keep the prices low and our customers can enjoy thousands of premium, yet affordable products without having the leave the comfort of their homes. Happy Shopping! Namaste